Date of Birth : May 14, 1985
Born : Tokushima, Japan
Career of Surfing : 16 years
Career of Competition : 15 years
Hight : 5’7″ (170cm)
Stance : Goofy
Home grounds : Ikumi beach & Kaifu rivermouth, Shikoku
Sponsors : 303 surfboards, Be wet wetsuits, Volcom clothing, Tools accessories, Nixon watches, Def Tech, FCS fins
Shaper : Kohei Chiba (303 surfboards)
Stick : 5’10″×18-1/4″×2-1/8″
Memory of waves : Thrso, Scotland Lakey Peak, Sumbawa





辻裕次郎は1996年、小学5年生の夏、四国・生見海岸でサーフィンを始めました。翌年には四国選手権ボーイズクラスで準優勝。師事した千葉公平のシェイプする303 SURFBOARDSに乗り、その年の冬には小学6年生にして初めてのハワイ・ノースショアを経験。小さい身体から繰り出す精一杯のサーフィンで、周囲を驚かせました。それが彼のサーファーとしてのスタートでした。

Yujiro started to surf when he was in the fifth grade. Born and raised in Shikoku, the ocean was his play ground. After he surfed for only a year, he competed in the All Shikoku Championship boys division and become the runner up. During this period, he met Kohei Chiba, a pro surfer, shaper, and owner of 303 surfboards in Shikoku, Japan. Kohei has been the greatest supporter for Yujiro and Kohei has been shaping Yujiro’s surfboards since he started surfing.
In 1997, Kohei brought Yujiro to North Shore, Hawaii for the first time. He was 11 years old.


The first ASP/WCT world tour was hold at Ikumi Beach, Shikoku. Yujiro saw Kelly Slater for the first time. Yujiro was deeply inspired by world surfer’s stylish surfing. He determined to be a pro-surfer when he was in an art class elementary school.


He competed in the All Japan Championship and finished 4th. He also competed in the All Japan West dividion and won the contest. He also started to compete in Pro-surfing contest an amateur.


He visited Australia for the first time. He experienced a coaching system while he was in Australia which has consistently produced the world class surfers. He then represented Team Japan in the World Grommets contest which was held at Avalon, Australia and he finished 9th.


2002 April, he competed in the Japan Professional Surfing Association/JPSA Challenge series where he finished 13th. With this prize, he turned into a professional surfer. He become the second youngest professinal surfer in Japan.


This was the first year for him to compete in the ASP Pro-Junior tour. The same tour was held in Japan in May and he finished in 4th. In 2004, he won the JPSA Pro-Junior Division in his home town, Ikumi Beach, Shikoku. The lacal people who have known him since he was a little boy were so happy and proud of Yujiro


He finished 13th in the ASP Pro-Junior tour held at Bells Beach, Australia. In August, he was a runner up for the same tour in Irago, Japan. At the same time, his ranking in JPSA started to ascend as well.


He competed in the ASP World Pro-Junior in which he represented Team Japan, and he finished 17th. This was the last contest which he could present himself in the “junior division” and he really enjoyed it. While he was in Australia, one of the pictures that was taken became the cover shot for the Surfin’ Life Magazine in Japan.


He started to compete in the ASP/WQS mens tour as well as JPSA tour in Japan. In between, he traveled to many places in the world including Hawaii, where the first visited 10 years ago when he was an only 11 years old boy.


After he traveled to Hawaii, he surfed in Bali for a magazine. He also competed in South Africa, Australia, and Scotland. In May, he won a JPSA contest for the first time. His final ranking in the JPSA was the 12th.


This year was the busiest for him. He competed in all of JPSA contest. In addition, he focused on the ASP/WQS 6 star contests. He finished 17th at South Africa. Also, he finished with prizes in the majority of the contests. His final ranking was 116th for ASP/WQS which was the second highest among the Japanese surfers this year.


Yujiro competed in the 10 world contest and finished with 9th place in the ASP 4-star event in Australia. He also competed in 5 domestic contests which he started with placing 3rd then winning the subsequent contest. He also won the ASP Japan tour at Fukushima for the first time. However, he could not abtain the championship title for the domestic tour. There was much personal reflection to be done.


During the winter, he returned to the North Shore where he has visited there since he was a little boy. He took several great photos including some at Pipeline where all surfers would dream to have them.


He focused only on the ASP tour this year. He started his year in Australia and traveled to Europe. In Scotland, he finished with the 9th in the ASP world 6 star contest. This was the first time for him to finish this high at the level. He continued to tour in Europe and competed in France and Spain, Portugal. The trip was tough and rough but he had a great time which was an awesome experience. He was interviewed by international media, which was a fun experience for him. Also, he befriended many nice people. When he retuned to Japan from Europe, he competed in the ASP 2 star contest in Miyazaki. His performance dominated the contest and easily went to the finals. He last the final but his performance impressed the audience.


When Surfing Magazine form US came to Japan, he joined the US crew in Shikoku. He was the only Japanese syrfer future in this issue with remarkable comments